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November 24, 2021.  the final day of the Open Championship of the SC of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cup of the Youth Sports School No. 2 of the Yunusabad region among boys and girls 2006 -07
 SDYUSHOR IVS and LA 57 - 47 PA BC "Edelweiss"
 SC MD RU 69 - 34 Tashkent region. (Chirchik town)
 CYSS № 2 20 - 41 Kazakhstan (Shymkent)
 Based on the results of the games held, the winners of the Cup were determined
 Girls born in 2005
 1st place Kazakhstan (Shymkent)
 2nd place CYSS No. 2 (Yakkasaray district)
 3rd place CYSS No. 1 (Yunusabad district)

 Boys 2006 - 07 year of birth
 1st place SC MO RU Tashkent
 2nd place Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
 3rd place Tashkent region. (Chirchik town)