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December 28, 2021 the final game day of the 2nd round of the Championship of Uzbekistan among teams of mans of the highest leagues in the city of Tashkent took the place.

Game day results:

FSK «Sogdiana» 49 – 84 Samarkand region

Namangan region 56 – 110 SC MD RU

TSHVSM 91 – 54 Ter DU (Surkhon)

Tashkent city 70 – 81 Uz.Electroapparatus

 According to the results of the last Championship of Uzbekistan, the teams took the following places:

 1st  place SC MD RU (24) points

 2nd  place Tashkent city (21) points

 3rd place TSHVSM (21) points

 4th  place Namangan region (18) points

 5th  place Uz.Electroapparatus (18) points

 6th place Samarkand region (17) points

7th place FSK «Sogdiana» (13) points

8th place Ter Du (Surkhon) (12) points